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I am a Data Scientist and an Independent researcher. My research interest is in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Education. I received my Master of Science with honours in Mathematics from the University of Ibadan, and my Bachelor of Science with honours in Mathematics from the University of Nigeria.

In my spare time I mentor ladies who are new to data science

Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing
  • NLP for Education
  • Dialogue systems and conversational AI
  • Multilingual NLP
  • Low-resource NLP
  • Learning Sciences

Technical Skills

Programming Language: Python
Libraries: PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Pyspark
Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI
Developer Tools: Git/Github, Docker, Airflow, ELK Stack, Google Cloud Platform, VS Code
Machine Learning: Supervised and Unsupervised Learning , Time-Series, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision.
Others: SQL, HTML/CSS, Latex



Topics Taught: Communicating with Stakeholders, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Experimental design, and Recommendations system.


My Works

  • All

Customer Segmentation for Retail store

Clustering of different groups of customers with recommendations for segment buying

Time Series Analysis for Revenue Forecasting

Predicting future revenue to help budget planning

Stackoverflow Survey Analysis

Exploratory data analysis using Stack Overflow survey data

Disaster Response Pipeline

A webapp that analyzes message data for disaster response and shows classification result

Recommendations with IBM

Recommendations of new articles to users in a platform

Churn Prediction with Spark

Customer churn prediction process using Pyspark

Disaster Response Pipeline

  • Project URL: Code
  • Skills: Python, NLTK, SQLalchemy, Flask, Plotly, NLP

This project is about analyzing message data for disaster response. The data gotten from Figure Eight is used to build a model that classifies disaster messages. A web app was built using flask where an respondent can input a new message and get classification results in several categories of message like news etc

Search Engine App For Information Retrieval

  • Project URL: Code
  • Skills: Python, Pytorch, FastAPI, NLP, LLM

Developed a search engine application utilizing FastAPI and OpenAI API to provide comprehensive company information. The web app enables users to effortlessly retrieve detailed data by searching for specific companies, enhancing their access to relevant information.

Large Language Model Science Exam

  • Project URL: Code
  • Skills: LLM

The solution from the Kaggle competition will help researchers better understand the ability of LLMs to test themselves, and the potential of LLMs that can be run in resource-constrained environments.


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